Aim of the game and role of the Keno player

The similarity between keno and other distractions like bingo and sic bo is quite large. Indeed, the game consists in predicting the twenty numbers which will be drawn at random among the eighty possibilities which exist. Which makes the games very difficult, but quite fun. Once set up, players must choose between 1 and 20 numbers and tick the corresponding boxes on the grid. They must also register their stake and wait for the draw.

The different keno wins depend on the number of matches obtained by the player. The latter has more chances of winning if he chooses several numbers or spots. But before claiming the win, he needs a certain number of correct numbers determined according to the bet made. It is therefore required:

  • At least one correct box out of the 15 of the “Checked boxes” bet;
  • 8 correct results for the “against” where it is necessary to predict the numbers not drawn;
  • All 13 numbers chosen for the “Any Winner” bet;
  • An exact total per zone for “Lower / Upper”;
  • Correct combinations for the “Combination” choice.

History and evolution of the game

To know the history of keno, you have to go back several thousand years, more precisely between 205 and 187 BC It is indeed at this time of the Han dynasty that this game was born. in the depths of ancient China. Invented by Emperor Cheung Leung in order to finance the armies of his country, it will be used for other purposes, especially educational. In the 10th century, the youngest will use it to learn the alphabet and literature.

In the 19th century, Chinese immigrants who worked on the rails of the future railroads brought the Chinese lottery back to the United States. If it consisted in choosing numbers and carrying out a draw, the said version is far from the one we know today. Indeed, the numbers were represented by the symbols of Qianziwen, the “Classic of a Thousand Characters”, and the grid was composed of 120 characters.

Because of the laws against gambling in the United States, another variant of keno will be invented in the 1930s by the Chinese bourgeoisie. This is the Keno Race. Its operation will be based on a betting system similar to that of horse races. A fictitious horse will then replace each number. The 711kelab game will be acclaimed by the entire American population and modifications will allow it to be adapted to the new public.

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